Our Story

Where are we?

Triple D Maple is located on the Davis Farm perhaps better known today as Triple D Farms and is operated by Jared and Rachael Davis with help from their extended families. The Davis’s first entered the Maple Syrup arena in the 1980s when they started collecting sap and hauling it to Kinnan Century Trees where it was processed on shares. After the conclusion of the 2013 season and with an increase in production and hauling time, Jared decided the time was right to build a sugarhouse.


The Setup

Jared’s plan was to take advantage of the landscape and plan for the future. He decided to build the sugarhouse at the bottom of the hill. Although initially this would require overcoming a few larger obstacles, in the long run it would mean that there was a potential that sap from every single tap on the property could flow to the sugarhouse. Thus the sugarhouse was built a few hundred feet from the very lowest point on the 400 acre farm.  



The Sugarhouse

The sugarhouse is 24’x36’. One end of the building is built into the bank to take advantage of the slope of the hill. It has one wall that is concrete block while the rest of the building features the more traditional barn board and baton hemlock. The sugarhouse is simplistic in design, but carefully laid out and equipped with all food grade stainless steel equipment. The sugarhouse lay out combined with the equipment enables one person to operate everything on their own, if needed.


How we boil

Triple D Maple boils sap on a 3.5’x14’ Lapierre Volcano 2000, which is fired with heating oil. The evaporator is equipped with a Lapierre modulating auto draw off to make sure every draw of syrup is consistent. A filter press makes sure every drop of syrup is crystal clear and a canner makes sure syrup is bottled at the proper temperature. 

For 2019 Triple D Maple has added an enhanced pre-heater also know as a "piggy back" as well as a 1200 gallon per hour reverse osmosis machine both manufactured by Lapierre. 



Our Products

For the first two seasons Triple D Maple focused on making syrup while in 2016 they expanded their product line to include Maple Cream, Maple Sugar, Maple Candy, Maple Pop-Corn, Sweet Maple Mustard, and other value added products. In 2016 Triple D Maple became Certified Organic by NOFA-NY LLC and is proud to offer their customers certified Organic Maple Products. In 2020 Cinnamon Infused Syrup and Bourbon Barrel Aged Syrup were added and both are certified organic. 


Our Pride

At Triple D Maple every drop of sap from the 3000 taps flows through all food grade plastic tubing with the help of a vacuum pump to a single collection point. All the main lines are equipped with vacuum gauges, which enables for faster leak detection and optimum sap collection. Triple D believes, whole heartedly, that a well maintained collection system is priority one to maximum production and a quality product. 


Triple D Farms

Along with the production maple syrup Jared and Rachael along with Jim and Elaine Davis operate Triple D Farms, which consists of a full feature Equine Facility that offers riding lessons, trail rides, horse boarding, and horse training. The facility hosts special events such as birthday parties and a very popular summer horse camps for kids. The Davis’s have dabbled in both quarter horse and thoroughbred breeding. They care for an average of 16 horses at any given time with 10-12 of them belonging to the Davis’. 

Jared and Rachael also raise Hereford beef cattle, a herd that was started by Jared’s father Jim over 40 years ago. All of the many farming endeavors keep the family very busy year round. 

Jared and Rachael are looking to expand their maple operation in the near future meanwhile they are focusing on maximizing and improving the efficiency of their current production. 

Jared and Rachael have two daughters Lainey Ann born in June of 2015 and Letty Jo born March of 2017 and one son Judd Charles born April of 2019. They are anxious to teach their children all about the farm life that they enjoy so much. In addition to working on the farm Jared is an elementary teacher and Rachael is caring for their children.